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Textile and Leather

Elkem Silicones offers a range of silicone antifoams are used in textile processes (dyeing, soaping…) because of their stability under heat, high shear force and pressure.  Our antifoam range is also safe to handle and easy to dilute.

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SILCOLAPSE™ 411 - Low Viscosity Antifoam Compound

SILCOLAPSE™ 500 - General Purpose Antifoam Compound. FDA. EPA 180.910




SILCOLAPSE™ 5020 - 20% active. General Purpose Industrial AF Emulsion -EPA Registered – 180.910 and 930

SILCOLAPSE™ 623 - 30% active. General Purpose Industrial Antifoam

SILCOLAPSE™ 426R - 30% active. EPA 180.920. High temperature stable