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Antifoam Defoamer Elkem Silicones Pulp and Paper

Elkem Silicones offers leading foam control technology to the pulp and paper mill industry.  Our foam control additives improve drainage in the paper mill.  They also improve drainage in the Kraft pulp stock, sulfite stock, bleaching plant screen room area in the pulp mill.  An antifoam agent reduces paper breaking and hence improves paper machine performance which increases paper mill production.  Antifoams also lessen steam consumption in the dryers and resultant energy savings as well as cost savings.  Today’s fast running paper machines and washers are very sensitive even to small foam-related problems.  Foam causes detrimental operational and quality issues by decreasing production and final paper quality, increasing bleaching chemical usage, and reducing recovery efficiency.

Elkem Silicones offers a variety of products that service pulp and paper mills to solve their foaming issues.  Our silicone compound, fluids, additives and emulsions provide the chemical formulator the means for optimizing antifoam formulations to specific mill processes and requirements.

Silcolapse® 482 - General Purpose Antifoam Compound. EPA 180.910 and 180.930

Silcolapse® 610 - General Purpose Antifoam Compound. FDA. EPA 180.910

Silcolapse® 825 - High Viscosity Cross-Linked Antifoam Compound. FDA

Silcolapse® 910 - High Viscosity, High Performance, Improved Drainage, FDA

Concentrate emulsions to dilute:

Silcolapse® 623 - 30% active. General Purpose Industrial Antifoam


Ready to use emulsions:

Silcolapse® 621 – 10% active. General Purpose Industrial Antifoam

Silcolapse® RG 12 - 10% active. General Purpose Industrial Antifoam

Silcoalpse® RG 22 – 20% active. General Purpose Industrial Antifoam